Restaurant Hotel Moscow

Hours: с 12.00 – до 24.00.
The system of payment: non-cash, VISA Master Card.
Free Wi-Fi 20Gb/sec.
Phone: +7 (40144) 21315

The restaurant is a cozy corner of the hotel complex, ideal for traditional family meals, pleasant solitude of romantic evenings, or for corporate celebrations. The restaurant opened in Nesterov in 2014. Over the years, it has become part of the city. Restaurant – a place where you feel extremely easy and relaxed, as if come back to where you were waiting for a long time. It’s all in the unusual atmosphere of the restaurant, every detail of the interior which reflects the spirit of the old town.

Crossing the threshold of the hotel complex, transported to another world where you can see the preserved elements of the old Prussian town values. Delicious, a real home-made food, professional staff, who do their best to make guests feel comfortable, a good approach to each guest – the main advantages of the restaurant, has gained immense popularity in nesterovtsev and visitors, and this success is well deserved.

Just look at the menu to want to try everything from traditional dishes to delicious desserts
It is important to notice that all flour products – domestic, ie made directly to the institution by the original technology. Experience the culture and culinary traditions in the restaurant. We are waiting for you!